Promo Products Help Beer Brand Kick Off Campaign

Memorial  Day isn’t always about heading to the beach. For popular beer brand, Indio, and  its fans, May 24 kicked off the first weekend of CASA Indio, a new multi-city  event series where art, music and culture live under the same roof, encouraging  consumers to “Do Their Thing” and interact with talented artists from Mexico  and the U.S.

Indio,  the dark lager Mexican beer, joined forces with VICE Media for the events,  which began in Los Angeles and will continue into Chicago, Austin and San  Francisco through November. The events are private and help to raise funds for  the National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA).

“We  worked with all of our agencies to bring CASA Indio to life, including the  event producers VICE Media, our PR agency FORMULATIN, creative agencies iNSPIRE  and Olabuenaga Chemistri, and our media agency MediaVest,” says Gustavo Guerra,  brand director for Indio. “Together, we’ve developed a strong, multi-prong  promotional campaign in support of CASA Indio and the brand.”

The  brand engaged with independent bloggers who are relevant to the target consumer  – Hispanic millennials 21 and older. To encourage these media contacts to  spread the word about the events, Indio gave them the “key” to CASA Indio: key-shaped,  branded USBs that were loaded with everything they needed to promote, including  press materials, artist lineups, flyers, photos and videos.

“We  distributed the USBs in several ways, including a pre-event mailer to key  bloggers as well as to contacts who attended the events,” says Guerra. “We  leveraged VICE’s media networks and other digital networks like Townsquare  Media, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to share artist lineups, while targeted PR  efforts helped us secure editorial coverage and media attendance to the  events.”

Each  city will leave its CASA Indio doors open for up to two weeks, allowing guests  to RSVP and make the most of the unique event. At each happening, guests are  treated to live music from bands like I Can Chase Dragons!, Elis Paprika and  Los Macuanos, as well as art workshops and Indio beer samples.

Also as  part of the PR strategy, the team outreached to blogs like L.A. Taco and  Galería Alternativa to give their readers the opportunity to have a VIP  experience at CASA Indio and win screen-printed posters autographed by  participating artists.

L.A.  Taco offered two winners (plus one guest each) VIP access to a special happy  hour on May 24, where they could meet the artists who were performing that  night. Once the events began, the winners had access to a VIP area where they  received free Indio beer and food, and they were guaranteed spots on the guest  list to all the events listed on the flyers.

“We are  very pleased with how CASA Indio turned out in LA, and are looking forward to connecting  with our consumers in Chicago, Austin and San Francisco in the next few  months,” says Guerra. “The essence of CASA Indio will remain the same in each  market; however, we’re taking great pride in tailoring as much as we can to the  host city, from the artists that we showcase, to the type of workshops, and  even the type of venue we select.”


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